Keys to Menopause

Menopause is not a disease

Menopause is not simply another disease to be diagnosed according to a set of medical criteria.  Many women do not fit the criteria; yet they have symptoms related to hormonal change that are treatable. Treat the person; not the disease.

Un-defining Menopause

Hormonal change can occur at any age.  Hormonal change can be related to symptoms whether in menopause or not.  Hot flashes do not define menopause.  There is a peri or pre menopause.  There is no post menopause.

It’s really about hormonal change, at any age

Menopause is not a single point in time.  Being in or out of menopause is not the issue.  Hormones change, affecting women in different ways; some subtle, some not so subtle.  At any age, whether having a normal period, irregular period or no period hormonal symptoms can occur and are treatable without birth control pills or drugs.

Treat the whole person

Menopausal changes are not solely the result of changes in one part of the body.  Menopause is not a change only within the ovaries.  Change in blood sugar regulation in response to diet and food selection and the influence of accumulated stress have a significant affect on menopause symptoms, both physically and mentally.

Historically speaking

Hormones are natural.  Living past 50 may not be.  Menopause, as we know it, is relatively new in terms of human evolution.  Therefore, it is important to recognize, that once a women passes through the birthing years, there is a lot of time left to live.  Keeping open and learning about disease risks as well as health benefits of HRT options, is key to supporting a healthier and more vital life.

Chronological age vs. Biological age

All of us get older, but not all of us age while we do so.  Caution, if what you are feeling is simply dismissed as ‘you getting older.’  As we get older the influence of diet, lifestyle and the environment we live and work in, can greatly influence our health and how we feel.  In most cases, you have choices and options in living a healthier more vital life.

Natural and Bio-Identical (Biologically Identical)

All hormones are not created equal.  Learn your options with what is safe and effective for short term symptom relief and long term health benefit against osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s, colon cancer and heart disease.  Flawed studies and misinformation to the public may have created more fear and panic than real understanding concerning HRT.

It’s not all in your head

The head is connected to your body.   Mood, mind and memory changes are not always simply a result of age or family history.  Loss of hormones, dietary influence, the stress hormone cortisol and specific nutrients all affect brain chemistry.

Menopause is not just about women

Men are affected by hormonal change too.  How could it not be?  It can be more subtle, comes on more slowly and perhaps a little later than for women.  It certainly is discussed less but the andropause or male menopause is real and is, as well, affected by diet and food choices, weight and stress along with declining hormone function.

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